Cineroid Retina EVF – EVF4RVW – How to fix firmware update screen blackout

I recently got a great deal on a refurbished Cineroid EVF4RVW. This is the newest Cineroid EVF with SDI inputs and a 3.5″ retina display. As soon as I opened the box I updated the firmware, and that’s when it all went wrong! I used the latest version of the firmware, and update utility from Cineroid’s website and the firmware uploaded successfully, but the screen would not come back on, so within minutes I went from having a working EVF, to…

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Let’s Go Youngstown – new mobile app platform!

The Let’s Go Yo mobile app has recently received some huge upgrades in the form of a new interface, rebuilt from the ground up on an entirely different platform. In addition to hosting great video content, we’ve added the following: – 24hr. radio stream that plays only the best music from underground artists. – artist directory with bios, artist profile, and capability to sample their work and engage with the artist directly via phone or e-mail – videos are grouped…

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S-rail quick release handles from SmallRig

I just received the quick release handle I ordered from Smallrig. Last month I reviewed a hotshoe handle from the same manufacturer, and I have been very happy with it, so I went ahead and ordered one that I can attach to the top of my camera cage. SmallRig is a company that sells high-quality camera rig components at very reasonable prices. I would recommend these items to anyone wants to build a reliable rig for their camera without going…

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New Lightweight Rigs From SmallRig/CoolLCD

I recently purchased some new rig components from and I wanted to show you some of the stuff I like, Everybody wants a top handle on their rig, it’s really handy for carrying and operating down low, but most rigs with a top handle are based on a heavy cage… This lightweight Hotshoe Handle provides a solid grip and adds one 1/4-20 female thread for mounting accessories like articulating arms: The Manfrotto Compatible Dovetail with HDMI Cable Lock protects my hdmi port…

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Canon DSLR Overheating Workarounds

One of the main drawbacks to shooting video with DSLR’s is limited record time or degraded image quality due to overheating. When the camera heats up, the image becomes noisier and if it overheats, the camera will shut down until it has cooled sufficiently. We shot an entire season of Let’s Go Youngstown, and numerous live events with these cameras and in many cases ran them continuously. Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way, followed by some…

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Wireless Sync for DSLR Video – Conveniently Housed in Battery Grip

Anarduino mini wireless mounted inside bg-e8 battery grip for wireless remote start/stop sync

Last night I housed an anarduino mini wireless (arduino compatible with integrated rfm-69 radio) into a bg-e8 battery grip for my t3i. The anarduino just happens to fit perfectly in the recessed area where you would store your battery cover inside the grip:   This is so freakin awesome! This is the arduino board that I use to start and stop all our dslr’s and external audio on a multicam shoot. For now I have only connected the shutter and…

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